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BlueRibbon Solution (SL) Limited is a Mobile Network Operator in Sierra Leone having secured 3G & 4G public cellular license for the provision of voice and data services. BlueRibbon Solutions will operate under the brand name Blu and will commence network rollout soon.

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We have helped scores of customers to deliver data driven solutions that improved their bottom line.

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Managed services

The BlueRibbon Solutions team combines deep data engineering skills with years of experience in diverse industries, such as banking, telecoms, trade, finance, media and logistics.

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We have simple and effective solutions to complex problems across many Sectors


GSM network planning, design, installation and maintenance with over 35 projects since 2014.

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Banking & Finance

We do process mapping and analysis to help financial institutions audit and visualize their processes.

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We help clients use our IT products and bespoke solutions to transform and run their logistics operations smarter.


Provision of data mining solutions to help clients understand and measure the cost of their trading activities.

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Mining & Manufacturing

We provide industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity.

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Software Development

We deliver customized database, Cyber Security setups and enterprise software applications for use across various sectors.

50+ clients trust us for various IT solutions and services

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